“This being my first volunteering experience, I was pleasantly amazed to see the support extended by other volunteers. One can never really understand and relate to the plight of a community unless you are part of the mix. I could see and feel the appreciation, and I intend to lend a helping hand whenever I can.”

Patty Truglia
Synergy, USA,

As a SECT volunteer,  I have realized that volunteering not only helps mainstream professionals like me give back to the society but also reveals the considerate side of one’s personality, which in today’s rat-race is usually limited to friends and family!

Synergy, Chennai,

A day before the visit to Village Adigathur, I was in two minds – would this really be worth my while or should I, just  donate some money and do my bit! However, I am glad that I followed my heart and spent an entire day at the village. ‘Real world’ problems, which border on mere survival, are very different from what we are generally used to crib about. I hope that the memories of the day drive me to give back to the society, in my minuscule way. My sincere gratitude to SECT, for the beautiful work they have been doing.

Capt. Charanjiv Singh Nalwa
Synergy, New Delhi,