About us

At Synergy, we genuinely believe that integrating CSR into our core business processes can create both social and corporate value in our industry. At every step, we try and make a meaningful addition to any routine decree. We feel this is the way forward in our sector. For instance, we take the ‘Going Green’ message earnestly, and our endeavour has been to put it into practice cogently. We also encourage our employees and partners to follow and set the same standards. For our efforts, BP chose Synergy for the Shipping CEO’s HSSE award for ‘Partner of the Year’. Our vessels have also won the “Green Flag Environmental Achievement Award”.

About Synergy

Founded in 2006, Synergy Group is today an integrated ship management brand with seamless operations in multiple key maritime Centres globally. The group is considered one the most trusted, respected and a leading ship management company across the maritime industry. Synergy Group provides comprehensive ship management services that include technical, commercial and crew management of modern ships. We also provide consultancy on various maritime sectors including new building supervision, port captaincy, vessel inspections, audits, sale & purchase of vessels and logistics solutions. Synergy Group is established on the values of transparency, integrity, consistency and credibility for ship management activities by a like-minded group of marine professionals. Efficient processes, Trained people and Well-maintained ships are our pillars of quality.